Base de Plein Air CRJS - 7 chemin Côte à L’iaume
à Chambon 36270 EGUZON
Tél. : 02 54 47 46 13




Enjoy a canoe trip

framed sitting or lease anything is possible.


sailing course , sailing school , private lessons or supervised session. We have collective dinghies double or single .

The only requirement to start sailing to swim !!!


The outdoor center has a policy FFCO course. It is quite possible to adapt the search tags based on the age of practitioners. Accompanied by an adult or autonomy for the largest . You can add the clock to it . So do not confuse speed with haste !


The MOUNTAIN BIKE on the outdoor base(basis) is practised, accompanied with a State-certified Educator, on various sites around the base( and near the roadblock : one can find various educational tools adapted to various age brackets. Since the area of motricity stabilized for the youngest on which we can add the kit of handiness, including the runway of two parallel runways of initiation, the same runway with banked corners. A runwayof cross, modules of balances, a pumptracks, tracks(runways) of descents and the good on ways to have a walk, discover neighborhood and learn to make of the MOUNTAIN BIKE.


Two places of possible practice: the escalation(climbing) in the "Pont des Piles" is practised from 6 years. This magnificent cliff of schist downstream to the dam(roadblock) of Eguzon proposes of the initiation into the improvement, and it is true until a height of around thirty meters. The climbing in the barn, the more playful approach of the work of balance with various modules for a more intense technical work.


Playful approach
for intense technical work.


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